• Aladar Allensen

    Aladar Allensen

    A member of the Sar-Shune Monks, he is traveling the world before taking his final oath of obedience.
  • Hoit


    A "Half-Halfling" (half goblin) trickster
  • Lord Cyril Gallamore

    Lord Cyril Gallamore

    Rich Wizard who joined the party prior to the Kenku expedition.
  • Morgan


    Bad Dude
  • Phineas Flynn

    Phineas Flynn

    A cartographer from Pharis, sent to the borderlands by the guild to map the uncharted territories beyond the Keep.
  • Aeri Potter

    Aeri Potter

    A middle-aged man with rough hands and kind heart. Makes pots.
  • Agnarr, Blæingr, Feigr

    Agnarr, Blæingr, Feigr

    Half-orc brothers and lumberjacks.
  • Aislinge


    An old woman with long white unkempt hair and patchy, woodland-colored clothes. She lives in the forest near the keep. Not taking sides in conflict, she trades in herbs and healing droughts with whomever takes up residence in the keep.
  • Alura


    Female cleric of Pelor. Currently pregnant with the unknown love child of Sean/Steve/Brian (?), former friend of the Wagon Buddies who turned bad.
  • Brother Bareback

    Brother Bareback

    Temple of Alura.
  • Devlin McKearney

    Devlin McKearney

    A noble seeking to improve his position by gaining land and wealth in the unexplored regions beyond the Keep.
  • Faolan and Orlaith Bæcere

    Faolan and Orlaith Bæcere

    Faolan and Orlaith run the bakery in the developing town. Orlaith is with child so the young lady Kyna is helping with the shop and running errands.
  • Helga


    Proprietor of the Thirsty Serpent. Female Dwarf.
  • Kyna


    A young girl of 12 or 13 who mysteriously showed up one day at the keep. She works at the bakery, and runs errands for the townsfolk.
  • Lieutenant Dan

    Lieutenant Dan

    Party contact during the "Twilight Zone" arc involving missing party member.
  • Mace Carpenter

    Mace Carpenter

    The lead craftsman in charge of construction for all of the developing towns buildings. He has brought his wife Muir and their children. The eldest sons are apprentice craftsmen.
  • Max Munch

    Max Munch

    Owner of stables in the keep.
  • Ned Lumberman

    Ned Lumberman

    Bronze god of a carpenter. Works closely with the half-orc trio and Mace Carpenter.
  • Neero


    Survivor of a failed expedition to the Kenku. Complained of giants and left town.
  • Old Lady Boogerstyle

    Old Lady Boogerstyle

    Gave group a set of tomes that helped them find the haunted castle in the lava bowl.
  • Petal


    Ugly, confident whore who works for Hoit.
  • Servants of Gallamore

    Servants of Gallamore

    Billy, Joe and Bob, who serve the rich Lord.
  • Swiftfoot


    Cook at the Thirsty Serpent
  • Tailwind


    Man on boat. Leads party closer to goal of finding plans portal.
  • The LaPrell

    The LaPrell

    A group of eccentric mages living near the old, dead (now green) valley. Notables include Aristotle and Old Man Wu.
  • Tristan James III

    Tristan James III

    Paladin assigned to the party, his mission is to ensure success!
  • Ursa Sailor

    Ursa Sailor

    Head of the thieves guild operating at the keep
  • Windsong


    Speedy donkey purchased by Hoit during his flight to the Kenku.
  • Yoshi "helmbreaker"

    Yoshi "helmbreaker"

    Large Hawk-like humanoid from an oriental culture