The Keep

Inside the keep

  • Merchant’s Guild – Run by Richard Golden
  • Stables – Run by Max Munch
  • Armory – Master smith Olaf
  • Thirsty Serpent – Run by Helga
  • Military barracks

Makeshift town outside of the keep

  • Church of Pelor – Brother Tomlin and Sister Bernadette
  • Bakery – Faolan and Orlaith Bæcere
  • Pottery Barn – Aeri Potter
  • A few simple dwellings for the residents
  • Halvant Hill: hill supposedly owned by the party; has a mansion on it.

Wilderness Regions

  • Atar’s Cave – Once occupied by Nezzeks, an ancient death cult that practiced soul harvesting, filled with deadly insects, a ziggurat built inside a large cavern, and the corpses of goblins.
  • Dwarven Mines
    *Lunarr: town were Moondrop came from
  • Luna Loch
  • ? Valley


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